The Secret

We had to watch a movie at work, “The Secret.” Now, I know I have totally stressed the fact that I seem to have some Universal plot against me..but the movie seemed to grab my attention like a cake to a fat kid. It’s not really a “movie” per say, it’s more like a self help on overdrive. It’s full of authors like the Chicken Soup guy, the psychologist from Men are from Mars.. and of course new age philosophers. It’s too in depth to explain, but basically, their theory is that the Universe, God, Karma, whatever you believe in is attracted to the energy that you give off.

Have you ever woke up on time or early, and told yourself I can’t be late this morning. Then, before you know it, you’re rushing out the door and can’t remember if you turned off the iron, gave the dogs water, put the trash put..hell even if you remembered to put panties on. I do it ALL the time. Everyone knows that I am always at least 15 minutes late. They’ve learned to just tell me 7:00 if they want me there by 6:30. Just because I am always late. Well, according to all these new age thinkers, it’s because I attract tardiness. My energy focuses so much on the fact that I don’t want to be late that the Universe picks up on it and puts my plan into action. Even if that’s not what I wanted, that the energy that I’m putting off.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am soooo not into brainwash videos, but this one actually made me think how I think, especially about my fertility. Ever since I was young I had always just known that I would have trouble getting pregnant. I told myself to always say “if” I get pregnant. And when I did got pregnant, all I could visualize was losing the baby and wonder if I would ever get pregnant again. Everything that I visualized did come true..I’m not a psychic, because that would just blow my point, but the point is, my attitude towards fertility has always been bleak. I just wrote how afraid I am of being in the 40% of IVF chances..according to the law of attraction, my attitude is what the universe is focusing on and therefore what I ask of the universe I shal receive. It may seem that I’m not asking to be a part of the 40% but my energy is focused on it.

So, in order for my attitude and energy to send the right signals to the universe there are three basic steps: 1. ASK  2. Believe  3. Receive

As easy as the steps sound, for the me “the fuck the glass full” kinda girl, it will be extremely hard. That’s why I have decided to start a journal. The first thing The Secret suggests is to make a list of all the things that make you feel good, and then thank God, the universe, Karma, Buddha, whatever for them. After that, every time you think about thought that is damaging to your positivity, write it down, then follow it with a positive statement and say it to yourself until you feel good about it. I’m sure it will take more than a spiral notebook to hold on my crazy thoughts, but it’s worth a chance. Here are a few things that I am grateful for…My husband, my M&M pups, my family, friends, Ugg slippers, my job, a home, Apple Jacks, Reeses pieces, funny movies, chick flicks, my car, fleece sheets, the Ipod, the internet, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, popcorn..followed by the Eliptical. and I thank God for each of them. Of course there is more, but those are my top list of things…yes, I am possibly that shallow.

Negative thought: “I don’t want to fail at infertility”   Positive thought: “I will naturally conceive, carry and birth a child created by DH and me.”

Now if you made it to the end of this I know you’re probably thinking a few bad thoughts about me, but “the secret” says to think positive. On that note, I have to get to work, I will make it to work on time, and have a happy, productive day..You will too.



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4 responses to “The Secret

  1. Been hearing so much about this movie, and the ideas it stresses. After hearing your review, I think I’m just going to try and see it and see how I feel.

  2. livinganddreaming

    I saw that movie too….I totally get what you´re saying…I was pregnant in May and had a miscarriage at 7 weeks….From the moment I found out I was pregnant I was worrying 24/7 that I would miscarry and full of negative thoughts…..So I guess we´ll have to do our best trying to stay positive and REALLY BELIEVING good things will happen to us!!!!

  3. mkwewer

    Can’t hurt right, I think positive thinking has a lot to do with our physical well-being. I visualize a lot. I don’t know but I think if it makes you feel better, why not?

  4. Good luck with the conceiving!

    Everyone seems to be talking about the book The Secret. Perhaps I will attract a free copy into my life, as I’m too cheap to buy one.;)

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