Our last Hoorah

I had my CD11 check up today. Let me just begin with an “F YOU UTERUS!!” My ovaries and follies..lots of follies looked b.e.autiful, but then my skinny uterus popped up and rocked my world. McHottie measured the good for nothin thing and it hadn’t grown a bit…not even 1 fuckin mm!!! Last week it was at 5, this week, no change. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! Please forgive the F bombs that will be used a lot in this post, I just can’t seem to get my head around what’s wrong with my busted baby factory. I know that I told myself I wouldn’t be hopeful, and really, I’m not. Its just that just when I think I’m ready to move on from all of this, another unanswered symptom arises. McHottie gave me some Estrace and told me to take it for the next two nights, continue with the Bravelle for another TWO nights, trigger on Sat. then IUI on Monday. Sounds great in theory, the only problem is, I’m not sure how my little egg factories are going to like two more nights of Bravelle. Usually, we just do four nights of injections, this month we’re doing five. Oh, and did I mention I have 4 portly follies just on the Right side?!?!? The left has multiples right around 10, but they don’t count.

McHottie asked if we wanted to roll the dice with 4. He said that it would be risky, and his words, “quite frankly, disastrous.” I asked what else he thought, he smiled and just said that I should go for it. I have to be watched, but why not? My words exactly. Sure, “I’ll do it, I mean nothings worked so far, might as well give it all we got for my last hoorah. “GO BIG OR GO HOME” as my DH likes to say. We’re going for it. We’re not hopeful, or even worried about multiples, considering we don’t have much hope lying on this, but we need to make sure we go BIG!! Wish us luck!!



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2 responses to “Our last Hoorah


    Love it. You go girl!

    I’ve actually got a good feeling about this for you.

    Love your style.

  2. mkwewer

    Go for it Rockstar!

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