No such thing as a free lunch

Soo tired today. DH won tickets to a baseball game last night. YAY!!! A FREE fun night. Honey, hasn’t anyone ever told you there is no such thing as a free lunch?? While driving to the stadium that we had never been to before, DH got a little lost. Now, for those of you that know men, they hate admitting that they’re lost, and my kind hubby is no exception. Oh well, though, we were having the infamous IVF conversation so I can’t say that either one of us was really paying attention. When he took an exit to take the turn around, a “portly” officer stepped out in the road and signaled for us to turn around. When the kind officer approached our car I asked my sweet manly man to ask for directions. DH rolled the window down and asked if the officer would be so kind as to give us directions to the stadium. “Sure sir, we’ll take care of you in just one second. But did you know you were going 50 in a 30?” (Insert our WTF face here). “License and registration please.” 

So much for a “free” baseball game. All in all, the game that we had free tickets to cost us $215 in speeding ticket fines, $30 in hot dogs and beer, which I am not complaining about, and then $5 for parking.

Cost for the game; $250, length of the IVF conversation: 50 minutes, Amount of disappointment: a lifetime worth, but forgetting all about it while enjoying America’s past time with the hubs and good friends: PRICELESS



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3 responses to “No such thing as a free lunch

  1. mkwewer

    Oh that sucks…you’d think he would have just let you go because you were lost…bummer….

  2. Ugh, now that just stinks.

    Seriously though, why can’t men stop and ask directions? WHY?

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