Haven’t the slightest clue

Ok, so I have been come an addicted blog reader. I usually read like a 100 a day. Ok, maybe not that many, but enough to make the hours pass by much faster at work when I have nothing to do. The only problem is, ever since WordPress decided to change the shit up, I can’t figure out how the hell to add blogs that aren’t by WordPress. WTF. If I could only figure this out  my blogroll would be a mile long. Please don’t feel that if you look at my blog list I don’t read but a few. I actually read quite a few I just can’t seem to figure out how to put those blogs up. There are a ton of Blogger blogs that I’m addicted to. Like “Taking the statistical bullet” and “Maybe if you just Relax” and “Where’s my Belly” and a ton more, I just can’t figure out how to add them. If anyone can walk my dumb ass through this process I would be forever grateful. Trust me, so would my Internet Explorer. The poor thing opens like 20 million windows at once since I can’t seem to work this shit on my own. Thanks


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  1. In your dashboard go to Manage > Links > Add New. From there you can punch in the name, URL, a description and a category (like Family, Friends, IVF, etc.). My blog is not hosted by WordPress, but I use their software so I assume the process is the same.

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