On the Bandwagon

Not much new on the TTC front. Since DH really thought that we should keep going with the IUIs we’re on our second dose of Bravelle today. Which means we are officially on the baby makin bandwagon. Like a true medical professional that he is, DH mixed and pumped my baby cocktail and even gave it to me with his signature lucky kiss. I finished my cycle of Clomid yesterday, and within an hour of taking it I was already having the menopausal hot flashes that the Vagina Queen, Joy Behar describes. If it weren’t for my “professional attitude” I would have made working in the nude look good. Not to mention that it was only 100 degrees outside. Once I reminded myself that nothing good can ever come from streaking through the office, I went into complete bitch mode. But the mini fan on the desk and the constant fanning and the short smart ass comments must have tipped the ladies at work off and the next time they approached me was with a chocolate milk shake. 🙂 They’re great, and since I had to explain my weekly Dr.’s appts. they’re all aware of the potential breakdowns, menopausal hot flashes, bitch fest palooza’s and yes the occasional happy thought.

I can’t say that I am as positive about this cycle as I was last month, but then again that’s because I still haven’t been able to track down that fucker, Joel Osteen. If any of you have seen him there is a reward that will lead to the capture and conviction of his bony ass. JK. I guess I can forgive the dude. He does have some truth to his madness, and although not as enthusiastic as I was, I will still continue to post my “No Vacancy” sign for as long as possible. Or at least until my AF decides to make herself cozy.



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2 responses to “On the Bandwagon

  1. melbagirl

    Hey there! Thanks for your message. My blog is http://ivfjournal.wordpress.com/ – hope you like it. Stay positive my dear. And keep up your interesting posts x

  2. keystoclaritycoach

    Hang in there! Don’t forget that to a certain degree you have a choice of how you are going to react to certain situations….. Let your emotions serve you , not run you! Damn those hormones though! ( My hubbie is great with the jabs – I call him Dr Luuurrrrvvve!)

    Coach Louise Crooks

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