Little Angels

Today is the day of the baby’s funeral, and I can’t help but feel sad. But not just sad in the fact that the baby is gone, but sad for his parents who will always miss him during every holiday, birthday, due date, and in passing. I can’t say that I know what it’s like to know what it feels like to miss a baby that was farther along into pregnancy, but I do know what it feels like to be a mother who has lost her baby, and I don’t wish that on my worst enemies.

We’ll say good bye to him one last time and lay him to rest, but I can’t say that his mother or father ever will rest until they see him again. I know that I won’t rest until the day that I get to hold my sweet angel again, and I can only hope that we are blessed with such a miracle once more.


I just came from the funeral and I must say, I handled it much better than I thought I would. As we sat in front of his tiny casket topped with flowers, I realized how precious that baby was to so many people. It got me to think just how precious life is, and as I looked at all of their family and friends sitting silently in front of him, I wished he knew just how many people loved him. His family handed out prayer cards, and I as I read the back of the special card, my heart began to ache. It ached for this sweet baby’s family and mom and dad, and for all of the little angels whose lives were taken too soon. May this have meaning to all of those families that have lost a child. My thoughts and prayers are forever with you.

Little Angels

When God calls little children to dwell with Him above, we mortals sometimes question the wisdom of His love. Perhaps God tires of calling the aged to His fold, so He picks a rosebud before it can grow old. God knows how much we need them and so He takes but a few to make the land of Heaven more beautiful to view, believing this is difficult, still somehow we must try. The saddest word mankind knows will always be “Goodbye.” So when a little child departs, we who are left behind must realize God loves children. Angels are hard to find.

I know they are going to try again and I truly wish them the best of luck. I can only hope that their lives will move on and be happy again.



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2 responses to “Little Angels

  1. I can’t imagine a sadder situation than a child’s funeral. Your friends have my sympathies.

    That passage is quite beautiful; thank you for sharing it. I’ve been shedding tears lately myself, as we get closer and closer to the time that would’ve been my third trimester. Like you, DH and I are trying again, and I struggle to keep that “No Vacancy” sign up in my mind, and the “This Space Available – Inquire Within” sign up in my womb.

    I’m crossing anything and everything I have that can be crossed for the both of us – hell’s bells, for all of us infertiles(!), trying to achieve that ultimate goal of a real, live, take-home baby. Keep the faith, IF Sister.

  2. I am deeply sorry for your friend’s loss. I could never be able to imagine the pain and grief they are experiencing.

    That prayer is very beautiful and very touching.

    P.S. Thanks so much for your comment, I added another post on Candida. I hope it helps, but if you still have anymore questions, about anything, feel free to email me.


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