“They’re in there”

“You  are officially inseminated,” says the dorkiest most nervous Dr. in the world.(insert mental picture from “Look who’s Talking”) Can’t you say something cooler than “inseminated?” He gave it one more try and then all he could think of was “they’re in there.” Ok Dr. Star Wars, please put away your chemistry set and get me McSteamy. His uneasy grin as he entered into the room with that ominous catheter made me wonder just how many vajayjays he had actually seen. DH said he’s acting like I was his “first.” He walked out and DH so supportingly mocked me while he held me legs and said that I probably just took his virginity…IUI virginity of course. We laughed, and shared a quick smile together, but I could tell that both of us we’re more than hoping this was the Dr. that got me pregnant.

His counts were “more than exceptional,” go honey!!!! Everything went according to plan with my HcG and now I can only hope that Mother Nature gets her ass in gear. I haven’t made any threats to her yet, but if I have to go through another round of Clomid and Bravelle, I can’t make any promises.

As of today, just for me, I’m considering myself “pregnant until proven otherwise.” I figure that works for our judicial system, why the hell wouldn’t it work for me?? I am officially entering into the TWW and I would like to offer my apologies now, for any off the wall, or possibly offensive thing I might say in the coming weeks, it’s just that this will probably be the longest and most excruciating wait ever. But, if I follow the “No Vacancy” rules then all I should really be thinking is “2 down 38 more weeks to go.”

Here’s to the next 38!!! 😮



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4 responses to ““They’re in there”

  1. Good for you, for being so positive!! You go girl!! Good luck in yr 2ww.

  2. emilythehopeless

    good luck!! hope the 2ww goes by quickly with a happy result! 🙂

  3. I like the positive thinking!! That’s great. I hope you have an easy, quick, and positive 2ww.

  4. Joy

    Ooh… creepy doctor!


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