Follies of course. But hey, this optimistic thing is really working for me, so I think for now, I will just be happy with the thought that we actually have a REAL shot at twins.

Just got back from the Dr.’s and if it weren’t for the AMAZING news that my body works, I would probably be pissed as hell. I got there, waited, waited, had my blood work then waited some more. Two hours later, still waiting. WTF!!! I know they’re busy, but really that busy?? I finally found someone to ask, and she tells me that they were finished with morning scans. What, lady, I am on some pretty strong hormones, and a response like this could actually warrant a complete breakdown leading to me attending anger management classes. After another 15 minutes she comes back and says that I was a “no call, no show” for my appt. on Tue. WTF. Sorry, no, the other Doc that was here said that they would see me a week from today, meaning this Friday. But, snobbish upset tech, a three hour ordeal and sleep deprived Dr. aside, the visit went great.

I got all of my tests back from this visit and the last and happy to report that all levels including Endo, androgen and thyroid tests are all “b.e.autiful,” says McSteamy. As he did the u/s he noticed that my right ovary had failed to produce anything except one a little over 13. Sorry but this lazy bitch needs to wake up and contribute. My left had two juicy follies. Both over 17, which according to blue eyes McSteamy is exactly where they need them to be at CD11. The IUI is scheduled for Monday, my HcG is tomorrow, and instead of the usual ten days of injections they usually Rx, he said that he feels confident that I only need tonight’s injection and that I can scrap the other doses.

Oh body don’t fail me now. Funny thing though, I actually am really optimistic. I just have to keep reminding myself of my “No Vacancy” sign and keep my focus on my baby. I can’t have any room for doubts, and this time around, I won’t. In fact, I have actually been so positive I’ve even been thinking of when I would get my BFP. I did the math, and it works perfect. DH’s entire family is coming to town and the plan is to have the whole family at the beach for a week. Which means, we would be able to tell his whole family our good news. This has to work. I can’t think of a better scenario for us or them. Ok Mr. Olsteen, my sign is clearly posted, my uterus is in shape and my follies are on their way. Don’t disappoint me.



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2 responses to “TWINS!!!!

  1. I love hearing your excitement! I hope this all works for you! And thank you for dropping by my blog. I know all wounds heal with time, and I know He is the light at the end of the tunnel. I just need sometime to love myself again before I can expect anyone else to do the same.

    Good luck!

  2. Joy

    This is the first cycle I’ve gotten excited about as well! Like I said on another comment, we’re starting Clomid Monday (well… not excited about THAT… but excited to be DOING SOMETHING!!!).

    Hope you get twins!

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