2 down…

Who knows how many more to go. What crappy IFs are we? The first night that I was supposed to take my first injection we fell asleep before the scheduled time to do it. My Dr. advised me to do it around 9:30 or 10:00, but by 9:00 both of us were dead to the world. I woke up around 1AM and remembered. So, here I am in PJs and half asleep trying to make my fertility cocktail. I’ve been lucky, DH got up and mixed by Bravelle Martini and like a trained druggie, injected the juice. Last night went much better. The both still sting like a bitch, but I know the pain is less when DH shoots me up than if I were to.

Yesterday, as I was pulling my Cocktail out of my baby in a bag I noticed that I had two boxes of the crap, meaning 10 injections worth, but only 5 needles and syringes. I know the military is cheap, but surely they don’t expect me to re-use those needles??? I mean, I may have shot fert drugs up in some pretty strange places, but I am in no need of an Intervention and therefore refuse to re-use that stuff. I’m not sure if they meant to give me that much and not enough “tools” or what. Good thing I have an appt. tomorrow to ask. Trust me, this is one question mark that will be answered. I have the u/s to check on my follies, and I am DEEPLY hoping this will pay off on the best way.


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