My favorite holiday is just a few hours away, and I can not be more excited!!! the 4th has always been my favorite holiday. BBQ’s, beer, family, yummy treats, and yes…Fireworks. You see, my family, well, we’re all pyros and love lighting things on fire and then watching them explode. :0 FUN!!! But, it’s not the fun, food and fire that I love, it’s the memories that I have from each one. You see, holidays were always stressful for me and little brother because our bickering, hateful divorcedparents always had us on a time clock. Each holiday was divided in half days. Christmas morning, when most kids are opening presents and eating yummy breakfasts, me and bro had an alarm set to wake us up so we could get showered and dressed. Then we would have to be the first to open presents between mom’s family as to make sure that we had time to open presents and get in the car. After opening presents, saying thanks, and cleaning up Christmas wrap, we would have an hour to eat and get ready to be at Dad’s, by noon. Then we would rush through Christmas lunch with Dad because we had to be back at mom’s by five. WHEW!! I’m exhausted just writing it all out. Anyways, back to the original holiday, July 4thwas the only holiday that we didn’t rush. It was easy for us, afternoon BBQ with mom’s family, then once we got the chance to digest our food, play in the sprinklers and eat watermelon we mozied on over to Dad’s. Dad’s family the pyros, wouldn’t start a party until 5 since it took so long to get dark. But regardless that us kids knew we wouldn’t light fireworks until 9, we all would ask every hour on the hour if it was firework time. The 4this also my grandpa’s birthday so there would always be a patriotic birthday cake with sparklers for candles.

Aside from the relaxation of the holiday, happy memories have always been made each year on this day. I can remember one year when a bottle rocket hit a pine tree in a neighbor’s yard and instantly went up in flames. The neighbor’s who were at our house, laughed, and we grabbed buckets and hoses to put it out. Another year, with mom, we went to the park to watch the fireworks show mom and I walked to the nearby gas station to get snacks and drinks, then, while walking the dark, we sat with some strangers, had a conversation with them and then realized that we had found the wrong family. Even last year, just a few days after my m/c my family was so supportive, and did exactly what I needed them to do. They didn’t dwell on it, make a big a deal of it, and let me decide how I felt. I needed that, and so did DH.

This year will be the first year EVER that I have been away from my families, and I have actually had anxiety on what we’re doing this year. Even worse, most of our friends are on vacation. We were originally gonna do our own 4th party, but with the ban of ALL fireworks, I really didn’t have the hostess feel. So, the first time, we will not have a traditional 4th party. But, we’re going to try something new. With our friends that are still here we decided to take a trip to Six Flags. It won’t be anything like I have ever experienced, but they’re gonna have fireworks and there is a waterpark, so it’s worth a shot. However, if I leave the park, even a little disappointed about the day, I will make sure that we are home every year after.

On the baby note, temp went up to 99.08 today from 98.60 yesterday, so I’m not too sure what that really means, but since I am not supposed to be stressing about the baby thing, I will ride ever roller coaster til I puke. After all, next month I’ll be pregnant and I won’t ride a roller coaster again for a long while.  Happy 4th to all of you!! May you all have fireworks in one way or the other.


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  1. Happy 4th! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope the wonderful 4th of July memories stay with you and you are able to create new ones this year on your trip to Six Flags. I mean, how can you not have fun with friends and your DH at Six Flags?


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