What the hell does this mean

Well, I have been pretty faithful in temping every morning this month, and using my OPKs starting on CD11. I got to looking at my previous charts, before we started IF treatments, and noticed that my AF temps are actually pretty high, like in the 98’s, even with 8 hours of sleep. This month is the same way. My temps started high, dropped into the low 97’s and then peaked today at 98.6. If this is all accurate then I should have found my Ovulation time frame, right? Well I have been taking my OPK for the last few days now, and I haven’t had as much as a faint test line. The only line that has come up has been the control line, which means, that I haven’t ovulated, right? Obviously my temps are not communicating with my OPK. It’s CD 13 for me, and I thought that I would be O’ing in the next few days, but my temps are so WHACK, that I’m not sure what the hell this means. We have been very consistent in DTD, but none of that will matter, if I can’t figure out what the hell my body is doing.

On another note, I ended up quitting my job….May I add that I’m scared shitless now? DH doesn’t seem that worried, but I know better. He’s a great provider, but I have to work. We can’t afford for me not to, and since I was jipped a few credits I have yet to graduate, which I thought I would have done by now. I’m running out of options, and trying not to stress, but I don’t think I would do too good homeless and destitute. Not to mention, we’re supposed to be trying to bring a child into the world. Me, stressed?? Is it that easy to tell? I have been trying to stay positive and tell myself that being unemployed may help us to get pg. with injectibles because then I can turn all my focus to getting and staying pregnant. But then my wallet and bank account like to tell me otherwise. Dh has been great through this all and I have to say that we are both doing better than imagined, but what other choice do we have? My mom told me that I just need to remember that what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger. I have always hated that saying, especially from her, because she’s not the unemployed, infertile and broke person on the other end of the phone, but as of now, I’m still breathing. Deep breaths, but still breathing. I should get into a yoga class at the gym now that I have all this “extra” time on my hands.



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2 responses to “What the hell does this mean

  1. Well you may have missed your opk positive. When did you see the dramatic rise? I ovulated on Day 9 last two cycles. I haven;t wanted to waste money on OPKs because of there is a definitelu . As for starting out high and then dropping is normal as AF ends, according to Fertility Friend.

    You can access my chart under pages in my blog. If you care to compare.

    Do you have a chart online? If so , I’d like to see it.

  2. Sorry, there is a definite pattern on my chart of highs and lows ( preov and post ov) with one exception

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