The official countdown

I am only just a few short days away from finally leaving this joint. Of coarse, not for good, but for 10 great days. You know there is something to be said about going “home.” Yes, I do love living in the south of Texas, and I love my life that we have built here, but home will always be the place that I can just put my feet on the ground. It’s the only place where I am ME. My old friends and all of my family know me for me, what are my bad habits, what are my favorite things, what I do when I’m bored, my favorite things to eat. You know, the typical stuff. Except, for the IF thing, that I am still not too comfortable divulging to a bunch of religious, pessimistic realists. Oxymoron, but hey that’s who they have always been, I guess you can say it’s in my genes.

On another note, DH and I had a whole weekend planned with friends at the beach, and at the last minute, decided that we better stay home. Money will be kinda tight for the trip, and we would rather save the money and be able to do the things we want to do while back home. I would have loved those few days, but sacrifices had to be made somewhere. Plus, I was able to get the house CLEAN!!! Not just picked up and tidy, but disinfected, steam cleaned carpets, window washing, vent dusting clean. Ok, so I am little obsessed, but I need to get my house back to feeling like we live there. Not like how we felt with the in-laws living there. Those times felt like me and DH were room mates with benefits. Sorry, but it’s true. We were always living by their schedule in our house, and I must confess, although I would never tell DH, I was becoming very depressed with them there all of the time. It was taking a huge toll on me, our marriage, our relationship with them, everything. Now it’s just us, and I can actually look forward to having a life with DH. We are approaching our fourth anniversary, but still don’t feel like we’ve been married that long because of all the drama we’ve encountered. It’s like now, we finally get the fresh start that we have been needing. I can only hope this start includes babies…LOTS of them. We’re still trying hard as ever for the first one, so I won’t be that greedy..FOR NOW. But hey, I can always be hopeful/ 😉



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2 responses to “The official countdown

  1. vamplita

    I forget…are you on Metformin like I am?? I hate, hate, hate taking meds daily, but I will say that I think that medicine has done me more good than any other medicine, as far as regulating my periods, etc. I consider it a Godsend.

    Happy long weekend, from the Houston area!

  2. whataboutmyeggs

    Hey there, no I’m not on Metformin, I was actually on Clomid and the HcG shot to induce precise ovulation for our IUI’s. I was on Metformin as well, but they took me off of it when they realized that I did not have PCOS. As it turns out, I have always ovulated regularly, and have always had faithful monthly periods, even without the meds, just haven’t succeeded in making a baby. Thanks, for asking thought. Greeting from the Alamo City. =)

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