Celebrating with or without her.

AF hasn’t shown her red face as of yet, although I know she is coming. I stopped on the way home from work and bought an HPT just to make sure. I haven’t been obsessing that much, but with all the unhealthy prego things I’ve been doing, funny, but I was hoping that it was negative. Otherwise, I would have been worried for the next nine months that my kid would have been the worm at the bottom of the tequila bottle. Some of you are probably thinking that I’m some type of drunk, but I have found that lime, salt and tequila and good glass of wine has been able to keep me from thinking about the fact that we’re not trying right now. It keeps me in a constant state of “relaxation” or intoxication, whatever works best for you.

On another note, the In-laws finally closed on their house, and I must say it IS BEAUTIFUL…and CHEAPER than ours…can you say jealousy? Ok, well even though I am just a little jealous I can’t help but be extremely happy that we are finally going to have our married life. We can BD anywhere and anytime we want. I don’t have to do the dishes if I don’t want to..Eww, I would never do that, but you know what I mean. We’re supposed to be helping them this weekend, so I have conveniently cleared my calendar.

We leave for vacation in 2 WEEKS!!!!!! I can’t wait. Now I will be doing another 2WW obsessing period, but this one will have to do with what to wear, what we’re gonna do..and just being able to go home. I love where I’m living now, but there is something about home that just feels safe and I can’t wait.


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