Life without clomid induced PMS

Well I’m still trying to go at the South Beach thing. I’ve been pretty good, not the best at it though. I’ve decided to ease into no carbs. The first few weeks I started I gave up carbs for two meals, and then just had some fruit with the other. Then my bday came around and the no carb no alcohol thing went out the window. So, with this week, I am trying to only eat one carb a day. I have lost some weight already, I just hope that I can lose more if I can learn to not eat a single carb. That takes discipline people, and I’m not sure I have it, but I’m gonna give it a go. I’m sure once I’m done with this diet I will never touch an egg again. I’ve done all that can be done to an egg, and I still hate them.

My cycle has about a week left, depending on if being off the Clomid doesn’t affect it. I can actually say, that I have not had the PMS that I would expect when on the stuff, so hopefully as the week of hell approaches, my DH will appreciate the baby pause as much as I do. He has so far, in fact I have already noticed the decline in fights. Not that we are Holyfields or anything, but as the red week approached the tension would always rise and inevitably we would be bickering about something. It hasn’t been like that so far, in fact, aside from a few times, we have not really fought at all. So for all of those overly fertile people who say baby making should be a happy time, and full of relaxation, I dare you to try BD’ing with the use of charts, OPKs, temps, meds, “sample cups” and “endo” cameras. Then you can come talk to me about relaxation and stress free marriages. We are both so happily married, but the stress was really getting to us. This has been really good for us. Now if I can only get the diet thing on track.



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2 responses to “Life without clomid induced PMS

  1. melbagirl

    Keep up the good work and your blogging. I like keeping up to date with what you are going through. Thinking of you.

  2. I read your blog for a long time and should tell that your articles are always valuable to readers.

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