Can infertility be expressed through body art?

Not much to report today. Just that it’s Friday and I am super stoked. DH is working his 24 hour shift tonight so that means it’s just me, the in-laws and my pups on a Friday night. I thought about maybe doing a girl’s night, but, I have way too much homework to think about Cosmos and Martinis. We have babysitting duty on Sunday for some friends of ours, and to tell you the truth..I am actually really excited!!! I think it would be nice to have a baby in the house that we can play with and spoil.

On another note, I have been thinking about getting my first tattoo. Yes, I’m a virgin, I would love to get one, I just don’t know that I can handle the pain, and on top of that, I’m not sure what to get. So if I have no idea what to get than I’m not gonna just put a stamp on my ass just to say that I have one. I would really like to do something that implies my infertility, but in a beautiful way so that it encourages me to always stay hopeful. I know, sounds strange, but I think if I were to see something that would always remind me to stay hopeful that DH and I will overcome this, than it might just help with the extreme pessimism that I am prone to. Does anyone have any good ideas on what would be a good symbol of infertility. Is there like a ribbon for infertility, like there is for breast cancer or AIDS? Maybe something like that. I have no idea, so any input would greatly be appreciated.



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2 responses to “Can infertility be expressed through body art?

  1. I would like to suggest you to get “fertility goddess” symbol.

  2. Dana

    not stange at all…i have been thinking the same thing! trying to come up with a good design to represent the journey! good luck,,,please share a photo when you get it done!

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