My new way to relax

Started the through and through South Beach today. Eggs, my favorite. Not a huge egg fan whatsoever but, as the military guys say, “everything is better with hot sauce.” So since I am officially going on the bikini diet, I was thinking about going for the whole look and tanning again. I must admit, I was a bit addicted a few years ago, and I loved my bronzy glow. Now I’m more like pasty white. We have officially put TTC on hold, so I can’t see the harm in lying in a warm skin cancer coffin. But geeze, you only live once right? I’m still thinking about that one, I guess that means I just have to do some more research on it. Hmmm….how would that go? “Does baking your skin to a golden crisp fry your reproductive organs?” I guess time will only tell on that one. I do enjoy tanning so much though. It’s like a 20 minute power nap during your lunch hour. I must admit, when I was tanning I was the most relaxed in there out of the whole day. It was my time to blare the radio, lay in a warm bed and bake. AHHHH, where’s Vegas when you need it?


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  1. staypuppy

    Throw a little chorizo in with those eggs… yummy!

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