CD4, I mean Monday

I woke up this morning with unusual optimism for a Monday. I have been starting my Clomid on CD4-8 so this was the morning of no return. I thought about it real quick, maybe I would have a change of mind but then I rememebered the promise I made myself and DH.

On Saturday the both of us had made a promise to each other that we would not live, eat, think and breathe baby. We were going to enjoy these spring months as much as possible, then worry about the baby thing in the fall..or summer if I just can’t hold out that long.

Ok, so I have to leave in 6 weeks on vacation and I’m going to be surrounded by people I went to high school with,  and most of all family that I haven’t seen in like FOREVER, (no not a High School Reunion) so instead of the mad baby dash, I’m in the mad LOSE WEIGHT dash. I’ve come a long way since the 90lb cheerleader and homecoming queen, now I’m more like the well over 90lb. Oreo Queen. I don’t want to be that thin again, but I definitely don’t want to be as big as I am now that’s for sure. My RE said that I would probably gain weight while on the meds so I’m hoping that since I’m not on them for two months that should give me the time to lose some of the weight. I’ve been trying the blood type diet, and it has worked, but I HATE it!! Everything that I love, even the good stuff is on the avoid list. I’ve heard that the South Beach is pretty good, and of coarse the Atkin’s is supposed to work pretty fast has anyone got any ideas? I really need fast results. I’m looking to lose 12lbs. in 6 weeks so that means I need to lose 2lb/week. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but for me that is a mountain! Well, here’s to smoothies and salads, pilates and the eliptical.


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