It’s official

Yesterday was my follow up with my RE about my whole case. Usually they don’t have the time in the morning when I go for the morning scans since the appts. are back to back so I had to schedule a conference time with the Dr. I got the Mcdreamy Dr. and he was sweet. I was a little annoyed since he told me that I had not had a Pap since ’03 which is TOTALLY bogus. I have had one done every year faithfully since ’02, but when I married into the military, my records went to hell. Anyways, that came back perfectly clear which helps me stay calm about this whole thing. He examined my whole body and answered my questions which made me feel that I was finally becoming a priority. I have been having some “lactation” problems, TMI I know but  I really needed to know for sure that this was ok. He said that since I was taking an HcG and that I did have a m/c it could be that the my breasts respond quite easily to the pg. hormone. Strange I know, but he said that he would look into it further just to rule out some other possibilities.

WHEW!! I finally had the chance to get everything off of my chest that has been bothering me now for months, and I felt so much better about the whole thing. I also asked him for some time between the injections and this cycle since I really just want live “normal” for a few months. We have a vacation planned, and my birthday is coming up this month and I just want to enjoy each one. He smiled and said that he thought I would. He could tell that I was becoming tired of the whole thing and said that he thought it would be a good idea too.

So, right now, I am in the 2ww which I am not holding a lot of hope to, but I’m ok with it, and ironically, I’m looking forward to the relaxation. We both needed this, so hopefully when I start this whole thing again DH and I will both be re-focused and geared up for the rough road ahead. I hope that it won’t last long, and that I will be holding my baby soon, but for right now, I need to remember that my marriage and DH are here now, and I should really take this time to focus on those. I have faith that my baby dreams will come true, maybe not anytime soon, but eventually.



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3 responses to “It’s official

  1. Well hi there! Stumbled on your blog from the wordpress tags page for IF. Had to laugh about the whole PAP thing, because nothing like being reminded to have yet ANOTHER thing shoved up the hoo-hah.

    Oops. Sorry if I was being crude. Eh … what the heck. Lupron makes me say things I’d usually never say. 😛

  2. Hang in there! Glad you have a place to express yourself, and that the dr is giving you the attention you need. Happy birthday and vacation.

  3. vamplita

    Like you, I wasn’t terribly optimistic this last IUI. DH and I didn’t get a chance to follow up the procedure and be all lovey-dovey, primarily because his back was shot…sigh. Anyway, it worked this time around for me, so all I can say is that it can happen! 🙂

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