Why does the weekend have to end?

Friday was my 3rd IUI and I think it went alright. I’m not getting my hopes up on this one since DH and I didn’t get a lot of BDing after the IUI since our families were in. We had a packed house, and since we were the ones on the air mattress, I guess it would have sounded pretty obvious. It’s ok though, despite avoiding the IF topic with the family, I had a really good time.

Friday was a half day at work so I got lucky and got to spend the another day with them. Sat. we finally went to the coast and spent the day at the beach. It was just what I needed. Heat and tanning, BBQing and swimming in the ocean. It was probably the most relaxed I have been in months. I wish it wouldn’t have ended so soon, but I loved it while it lasted.

After Saturday I realized how much DH and I needed a vacation and it only confirmed my belief that we both needed a break from this baby making adventure. We talked about and both came to the conclusion that it was better to save our sanity than running in circles hoping we would get something out of it. I know that I will have to pray for a 2009 baby, but at least I will have stayed sane through the process. I know I shouldn’t be so bleak, but I am being realistic, and even if the future is bleak at least I am prepared. I can always stay hopeful though.


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