Home Sick

Well I’ve been staying home “sick” for the last 2 days now since my family is in town. It has been so nice just to relax and have fun. Of coarse I have had many oppurtunities to tell them what’s been going on, but right now it’s just easier not to. It hasn’t been that easy considering I had my CD12 appointment yesterday and IUI tomorrow, but thank goodness I have been able to get past those with just some very vague excuses. I will go back to work tomorrow since I think I will have less activity there than touristing with the family. DH has to work too so it wouldn’t look very conspicous seeing us both leave in the early morning for our IUI. I hate hiding things from them, and aside from this, I tell them everything..good or bad. I always grew up with the belief that people who lied had something to hide and I hated thinking that my family was hiding from me. But, now that the tables are turned and I am hiding things from them, I’m trying to make excuses for not telling them. DH has been very re-assuring though. He came flat out and said “this is our private life, and if we don’t want to tell the world we shouldn’t have to.” That made me feel better, but as anyone can tell by this blog, I am usually not a private person. But for now, until I can give a full explanation to my family, I will keep my infertility woes to myself..and the internet of coarse.

On a good note though, I went to the RE yesterday and to their surprise and mine, I had two beautiful follicles  on my right ovary!! Great news to hear that this girl is more functional than they thought, but crappy news since it brings us right back to square one in my “unexplained” IF. My left had several follicles too, but none over 12 so hopefully this “non-functioning” ovary decides to finally participate and gives me the lil fertilized egg that we have been hoping for. Of coarse I am keeping my reserves about all of this since I know that this would be a long shot, but hey whatever keeps me going right? I’m not a complete basket case this time either. I kind of actually feel relieved knowing that those last Clomid pills will never get the best of me anymore. This means that we would have to move to injectibles, which is what I have been dreading, but right now, I’m just content knowing that there will be progress. We have been on this Clomid road for so long now that I am dying to look for a turn somewhere else. I know those may not work either, and I am already preparing myself should they not, but they would be more than worth when I finally get to hold my baby.


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