Holy Friday..God Showed UP!!

Horrible to say, but I was able to work in a prayer that had been heard. Of coarse I had to break one of the Ten Commandments, but really, “thou shall not lie,” that’s not really that bad of one, I didn’t kill the evil nurse, just lied to her. Yes, I decided to make it sound severe just to make sure that it wasn’t. With this clinic I can’t take any chances.

The sweet Dr. B was super friendly and totally understanding. She did my u/s to check on the cyst and smiled and told me that “I was in luck!” Me luck? Can you believe it?? Really, I should be in Vegas with these odds. The cyst was completely gone. My beautful and cooperative left ovary had multiple follicles, with at least 6 over 10!! However, they did notice that my right ovary, while cyst-less only had one follicle, over 10, but only one. The HOT Dr. then came in, looked and smiled (my blush then followed). We may have a reason for your unexplained fertility!!

WHAT??!!! You mean I may actually have the privilege of knowing what’s wrong with me?? Not the words that would typically make me jump for joy, but in my case it did. He said that since he was able to see that my left was cooperating and responding nicely to the Clomid, my right is being lazy. Although it is still functional, it really hasn’t responded as we would expect. He did re-assure me that it is still possible to get pg. using only my left, I could have many kids off of that one, and I may get lucky and one from the right may cause pg. too, but at least it may be a cause. He said that he would order more tests, see if he can’t monitor the right a little more closely and we would be able to progress to our next IUI for this month.

Even if this lazy ovary that he talks about isn’t producing, and it would make it harder to conceive, it may not be the true problem. However, I am content knowing that we are getting close to uncovering what is going on. The Drs. were very positive and said that everything still looked promising that yes I would be able to have a child. They cautioned me that this would be an uphill battle, but really, it already has. At least I can say that it’s a battle with a purpose and a cause now. Before, all I had was the purpose, to get pregnant, but never had the answers to the cause as to why I couldn’t.

I did ask him what may have been the cause for that, and if it was something I could have prevented. He smiled and said “unfortunately, you were born with just a lazy ovary.” “Some women’s work better than others, you just aren’t one of those women.” “Not to worry, this is what some call a floating ovary.” “Your anatomy is perfectly intact, it’s just that the production differs.” He said that it could be for numerous reasons as to why it stalls, but the fact is, you can still become pg.” The words that I needed to hear. Yes, there is a problem and it may not be the real cause, but it still gives me hope. Hope that my left ovary doesn’t fail me now. I think I will have a good talk with the both of them and start to throw ultimatums at them. If they respond, well then I guess I have to reward them somehow.


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