YAY!!! The weekend is finally here!!! The one day of the entire week that I look forward to no matter what CD I’m on. Margaritas anyone?? Still waiting her out. I was supposed to start Wed. but like my RE said  since I took my trigger late in the game (CD17) my days would be shifted back after that. She’s coming though no doubt about it…cramps, bloating and back aches are all in check! Whoopie, lucky me.

On a good note, its payday and hubby and I are finally getting some date time. Between work and school and weekend stuff we haven’t seen each other in a few weeks. The weekend will be just as busy with baby baptismals, birthday parties and St. Patty’s Sat. celebration..We’re not Irish, but we do love green beer. Tonight will just be us. He’s been dying to see 10,000 B.C., and frankly all I care about is the popcorn. I told him I would go to the movie that he wants, but we go to the restaurant I want. Fair deal. It’s lent so somewhere that has fish. =) Although I’m not stoked about having AF full force on the weekend, at least I have a few more days next week to work with for the RE.


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