I hate the wait

Has anyone ever noticed that the few days leading up to AF it feels like the eye of a storm is passing? Everything get’s calm, acceptance that you’re not pregnant has kicked in and your excited to get her here and gone again so that you can try yet another time. But then, when she does arrive this storm of rage and anger and tears and disappontment comes baring down on you with hurricane force. Well, right now I’m experiencing the eye. I accept that it didn’t work and am excited for another shot at fertility. Ask me in a day or two and they just might name a storm after me. HMM…I wonder? I think since I’m not such a raving bitch today I just might call the RE today so that I can be as nice to the devil nurse as possible. It won’t kill me to hear her empty apology and her complete inadequacy won’t bother me so much. “Hey devil, please be on standby, I’m giving you the notice now, so please be available when I do call. That way when you decide to get around to my case in 3 days I’ll be right on track. Thanks and have a wonderful weekend.” She can’t say I didn’t inform her  like she has the last 5 times I’ve called on CD1.


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