Ok any day now

Ok it’s my 28th day. I know she should just be getting settled in so if you could speed this process up I can make sure to get a hold of my RE in time. Seeing as how it takes her 2-3 days to call back!!! AAAAAGH. I know she’s coming, all the symptoms are here, so let’s just face the news one more time . I won’t buy a HPT…I refuse. I will wait her out, she’s not going to cost me another $20!!!! Call me cheap or smart I don’t care. DH is praying harder than I am for a miracle, but I think he is just wanting to avoid another round of hormones. (WINK) Don’t blame him though, sometimes it even amazes me that he survives me. Maybe I’ll go on a longer run with the dogs tonight, that usually gets her pissed.


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  1. melbagirl

    Stay strong dear. You’re doing better than I did.

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