It’s all in my head

I feel like one of the prison guys that mark off every day on the calendar. One more day down, 8 more to go. I think I’ve had some nausea and my boobs are a little sore (not that I have any anyways), but I’m blaming that on the trigger, or maybe  it’s just all in my head. I’ve been praying that it’s for real this time though…Just like every time before too. I set a goal to have a baby in ’08 and my time is running out. Father Time, Mother Nature, God, fairy godmothers, angels, and my guardian angels better get their asses in gear!!!!! My eggs won’t wait forever people!!  I have 2 midterms next week and a 15 minute speech to present so I’m hoping this will keep me sane for the next 8 days. All fingers crossed right now.


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