So I had my 2nd IUI on Sat. and strangely enough I seemed pretty level headed. Usually I’m a basket case when it comes the whole process, but I guess something just clicked. Funny story though, the Dr. was 20 mins. late getting to the office and DH and the other DH’s that were there for the same thing were starting to get worried about their “samples.” When the Dr. finally walked in she was a little surprised to see 3 different couples waiting for the procedure. So, to ensure the “samples” made it she took all 3 of the cups at the same time. All the DH’s were very unsure about handing it to her with the other cups in hand. “What keeps you from mixing these up,” my DH asked. She replied with a chuckle and said that she almost forgot..she will color coordinate the cups and give us a sticker to match. WHEW!!!!! DHs were still a little nervous, but I guess my anxiety finally kicked in about the whole thing I just told my Dh “to give her the damn cup already!!” Needless to say the other wives broke out into laughter and said they were thinking the same thing. There goes that desperation thing in action again. Of coarse I was nervous about the “color coding system” she had employed but, really I can’t have one more thing get in the way of my goal..Well, at least that’s what I was thinking.

Now I’m officially on the 2ww wait again and am all nerves. I think this wait is some type of wicked punishment for infertile couples, like we don’t have to handle enough already!! Here’s to the wait. Before I go I just had a quick question for you ladies.. Have any of you not had any real side effects from the trigger? Maybe I don’t notice it, but I don’t have any side effects from the HcG shot, but I’ve read that most women do. What are the symptoms that I should expect?? Sorry, had to throw that out there since I forgot to ask on Sat.


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