The roll coaster of Infertility

Last night was the HcG shot..wish I could have had a camera..not for instructional use but for comedy. DH and I are in our  last semester of college, and oddly enough we have classes on the same night. Well, it had completely left my mind that the trigger was to be done in the middle of our classes until an hour before class started and 2 hours before the shot. Oh s*^% where am I going to do this?!! Well, with no other option DH and I met in the parking lot and like a couple of junkies, met in the backseat of my car with syringes and novarel in hand. My car is an ok size, but definitely not that accomodating so we had to get a little closer than we planned. I know what you’re thinking..why didn’t you just do it yourself..well, I am so afraid of needles, that if I see the damn thing I get sick. So, with no other option, DH gets the honors. Anyways, back to the story..since I’m no muscle woman the Dr. said the best place to give the shot would be in the butt. So here we are in the backseat of my car and my whole ass is exposed for anyone to see preparing our fertility medication with nothing more than an alcohol pad, a band-aid, the meds and the dome light. As I’m sitting there I can do nothing but laugh. Have we become sooo desperate for a baby that we’re willing to anything anywhere? DH just laughed and said that our lil one better be thankful, but I still keep in the back of my mind that maybe this is all just a lost cause.

I’m trying hard to take everything in stride, but really…fertility shots in the backseat of a car??? What next? In the bathroom stall of a truck stop? Of coarse it can get worse I guess, I’m just hoping it won’t. Well, here’s to no shame and TMI in the infertility world.



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4 responses to “The roll coaster of Infertility

  1. emilythehopeless

    welcome to the club! hah! 😀

  2. melbagirl

    Very funny! It’s a side of life that you woudn’t imagine until it happens to you, isn’t it? 🙂

  3. ourlovelylife

    that voice is constantly in the back of my mind
    I hate it.

    but you’re right, there is no shame or tmi in the ttc world!

  4. whataboutmyeggs

    thank you ladies for the comments. Thanks for validating my insanity.

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