Just my luck

As it would figure…seeing as how I truly have the worst luck, I was awaiting a phone call from the RE, to hear if my IUI would be bumped from Sat. to today or Fri. But stupid me, I forgot to take it off vibrate when I left my meeting YD. Well, when I realized to check my phone I noticed that I had a missed call from an unavailable number..which the Dr.’s number coincedentally(spelling??) is. I did have a VM so at least I would get the message right??? WRONG!!! When I went to check the message, my mailbox wouldn’t pick up. WTF, what am I supposed to do now? Was it my Dr. or another telemarketer? How the hell should I know. When I called the cell company I was informed that there was an issue that was affecting some phones in the network. THE WHOLE F’ing NETWORK…millions and millions of people, and I’m the one with the lightning rod!! With those odds you think I would be playing the lotto more. I left a message as usual..ugh asking for the Dr.’s office to call me and let me know the status of it all but haven’t heard from the yet. I guess that’s a good sign since they probably would have called me to let me know I missed the IUI. Crazy shit is I knew something like that would happen to me. To top it off, my OPK was + this morning, which means if they do the IUI on Sat it will be too late. Have any of you ever been told by your docs about the whole OPK thing? I know on the boxes it states that if you’re taking Clomid the results may vary, but what does that mean?


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