Is it a MIRACLE???

So I had another u/s today since my follicles were only at 14 on my left and 15 on my right. I finally got the courage to ask for all my results and was actually surprised when I got the answers. Of coarse I was fortunate enough to see different Drs. this time, which was my first good sign. Once he started the u/s he noted that my right hadn’t grown. I started to tear up thinking that yet again, this was not going to happen since I knew the other one was even smaller than the right. my surprise and the Dr.’s I had 2!!! follicles over 18mm. I guess one of the tiny ones from Monday decided to join the party!! YES!! my lining is good and the follicles are a decent size which means that I’m locked and loaded for the IUI. I’m supposed to have it done on Sat., but since that is a little late according to my cycle, we’re on “call” for the rest of the week. Hopefully I can make it til Sat. in time to let the lil ones grow. I’m sooo hoping this is the month for a miracle. We’ll see, back to the waiting game again!



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2 responses to “Is it a MIRACLE???

  1. emilythehopeless

    hooray!! good luck!!!

  2. melbagirl

    Congratulations! I hope your miracle comes for you.

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