Well, I am officially on the countdown again!! I have my baseline tested on Monday and and u/s just to make sure everything is progressing alright for my IUI on Thu. This time I think I am FINALLY going to take control of my office visit. I figure since I have been patient and complacent enough “not to bother them” for 7 months, I have the right to ask questions and get answers..right? I know they’re really busy with everyone else and all the IVF’s and I wish all of those women the best of luck, but I think if my luck is ever going to change I better take control and ask my questions. B/c of my age (23) no one in the office including the Drs. seems that worried that I won’t get pg!! Newsflash!!!!..none of the 6 rounds of Clomid have worked, IUI’s and all my tests and HSG have been just “normal.” WTF does “normal” mean??!! I’ve asked for my levels in the past and I’v only been told that they were in perfect limits, but never the numbers. I don’t ever get the actual measurements of my lining, the follicles, hell I’m lucky if they tell me how many follicles I have. I guess it’s kinda my fault for taking those answers since I’m way too big of a pushover to say anything else, but I deserve to have my info damn it. I understand the circumstances, and that yes..thank my lucky stars its FREE but a little fucking info would be NICE!! I know to them I’m just a number, and it’s probably not their concern if I get pregnant or not..but I care enough about me and hopefully my baby ot start to speak up. My DH always gets upset when I don’t speak up; whether its b/c I got the wrong thing at a restaurant, a line is taking too long, I’ve been skipped in line whatever. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a timid mouse, but I guess I feel like since I’m getting the help without any cost to us, I don’t have a right to bitch.

Call it hormonal courage or just plain desperation for answers, but I am finally going to “Take Control of My Fertility.” No one is gonna stick up for me..So what the hell nows my chance to get bold. I know I know..it’s about DAMN time, but if this is ever going to work the only thing that can help is if I am more proactive. Let’s see if the courage pays off!



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2 responses to “1DPClomid

  1. Aubrey

    Good Luck. I will be thinking of you. That is how I finally got my fertility situation solved….I started asking asking for specific numbers. I would keep a calendar with all info -including names of who I talked to at the Dr.s office, when I tested for ovulating, when I took Clomid, when we had sex….you get the picture. After a while i started making a list of questions to take with me to the Dr’s office. I would FORCE myself to ask every question and I wrote down the answers. After that, I would go home and research everything that they said and did. I think that is the reason that DH and I were able to finally have a baby.

  2. Erin

    I understand about doctors not worrying because of your age. I was 21 when we started TTC (nearly 22), and now I’m 24. The docs think I have lots of time… even though nothing works and I have had a multitude of fertility problems over the last 2 years. *sigh*

    If we were 35 we would probably get a lot more results. LOL

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