Feeling optimistic

So I am finally on my last day of Clomid!! YAYAYAYAY. Well for this round anyways, even though I’m deperately hoping it will be my last. The Dr. changed me from taking the Clomid days 5-9 to 4-8 so let’s see if that works any different. It’s worth a shot. Besides, I like even numbers better anyways. Something about starting on an odd number makes me crazy. Yeah, maybe that’s it..maybe I haven’t gotten pregnant because the days were “odd.” Ok, so I’m sure that’s not what is wrong with this process, but it gives me some type of comfort to blame it on something. 2007 seemed pretty unlucky for me, 2006 was good though. I’m sincerely hoping 2008 will be the best ever. This optimism is probably the Clomid speaking, but I’m hoping to hold onto it so long as AF stays away. My 2nd IUI is a week from today and I am already nervous. If this doesn’t work, one more month on Clomid then we’re going to Gonal-F injections. I’m hoping God won’t make me face my horrible fear of needles. Even after getting the HcG trigger and ALL the bloodwork, my nerves and anxiety get the best of me everytime. Maybe my baby just likes to do things at the very last minute…like his/her dad..something that will forever give momma anxiety. Let’s hope this baby just wanted me to wait until the last minute. As long as they look like me..they can have their dad’s bad habits, it will balance them out. LOL



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2 responses to “Feeling optimistic

  1. Aubrey

    About your thyroid….
    My family has a history of thyroid problems too. However, the whole time I was having fertility problems my Thyroid levels tested “normal.” I finally got to see a reproductive endocronologist (is that spelled right?!?) and she ran more indepth Thyroid testing. Specifically my Free T3 and T4 levels. Although my overall Thyroid levels were “normal” my free T3 and T4 levels were off. She prescribed synthroid. It made me feel much better….I didn’t even realize that I had felt bad until I started to feel better. It did give me horrible migraine headaches. I swapped to Armour Thyroid medication (made from actual pig hormones). No adverse side effects what so ever.

    Like I said before, my husband and I suffered (somewhat silently) for two years with infertility. If you have questions please e-mail or comment on my page….I might have experience that would be helpful to you. Best Wishes!

  2. emilythehopeless

    good luck!!

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