Where’s the romance?

Ok, so with Valentine’s Day literally hours away I can’t stop thinking about how to be romantic with DH. You know, after years of trying and charting and temping, the thrill just isn’t there. I know I should try to put more effort into that part, but to be honest, DH feels the same way. It was like in some weird way we were thankful for the IUI’s since it limited our “work” that we had to put into TTC. The month before the IUI we just stopped altogether. We were tired and needed a break from what seemed like “the routine. ” And, it was actually really nice. In fact, neither one of us really had any desire to at ALL and neither one of us were upset or offended by it, I think we were both relieved at that point. Now that it’s been a month and we’re starting IUI cycle #2, I still don’t have that desire. I’m happy that in just a few seconds the job is done and we’re on way to waiting again. My RE, and the nurse from HELL have encouraged us to keep the romance continuous in hopes to better the process, but I feel like telling them..If you’re so insightful on that topic then why don’t you give me some creative ideas that I have not exhausted yet, and I’d be happy to. I mean c’mon, you don’t think we have tried everything we can think of? The ladies at Vickie’s, knew me by name!! If romance alone would have done the trick, DH and I would have had kids the first year of marriage! But that’s all gone now and unfortunately I don’t have any more romance to give. DH and I are in full IF swing and really only care about one thing, and nothing else. We’re trying to get the job done and that’s it. I feel horrible for saying that, but I know he feels the same way. So, if there is a Cupid out there, please shoot an arrow our way…If it’s covered with baby dust that would be even better.


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